Month: December 2011

hey rina!

i don’t have opportunity to wish myself, happy birthday…
dan ucapan seperti selalu, semoga saya menjadi orang yang sukses!


hello december!

hi december!!
the month that i waiting for every year,
the month which the time was very fast,
the month that i’ve been born,
the month that i hope meet my mr right!
the month full with celebration!

hopefully this month there is something for me! šŸ™‚ ā¤

tips: meet somebody

instead of greeted on her/his weight gain, you can said anything to his/her especially infront others either online or face to face….

” lama xjumpa, cantiklah sekarang” (walaupun muka dia macam longkang time tu)
” apa khabar musalman? berseri2lah awak, bagi petua sikit….”
” hi salmah, wah bergayanya kau…”

puji-puji sikit kawan tu supaya dia xkecik hati dan nak jumpa korang selalu… šŸ™‚

i don’t know others, for me this sensitivite question…
sama macam cerita politik, agama, sometime sukan pun boleh buat orang angkat kerusi…

p/s: still looking….