Month: November 2012

cuti lagi

banyaknya plan, tapi ongkosnya nggak ada.. hehe

this december i had a lot of plan, but never know that it can be happen or not…

tapi plan nak bercuti sampai tahun depan penuh..  ada je jalan nak pi..

antaranya sarawak, korea, bali, vietnam, whichever is island and last not least, naik cruise.. serius teringin..

so from now, i will start my saving till its enough kot…

asb tak cukup boleh korek tabung hajikan… hahaha..

for me, holiday is much better than spending for things.. the memory, the food, the time and all! it’s such wonderful, spend time with lovely friends free of thinking any problem, i hope so..

p/s: surely really really not ready yet!!