Month: December 2012

happy birthday to me

finally it’s my 27th birthay..
Camera 360

cake that i bought on my own…. thanks to my family… too bad.. šŸ˜¦

anyway wish for myself… dear rina, hoping that your dream come true, enjoy your life without any debt and can travel anywhere u like… take care of your body well too, my dear rina.. love to myself!!


long weekend?

why do i feel it’s take too long to end of this week???


the craziest week in life…

why does everything happen in early of month??

seriously, i’m scared to become old alone..

till when like this??

december coming and my age will increase…

p/s: 2 days before my birthday, i book my own cake, and it’s so sad cuzĀ  using my own money… too sad.. serious.. šŸ˜¦