Month: December 2014

Happy birthday rina

Tq God for his kurniaan. This is the best year of my birthday celebration..
It’s start with my jagiya.. Saranghaeyo!!!
Miss you so much darling.. Can’t wait to meet u..

Another story, another love, another journey.. Wish me this is my last lover. Wish me luck this time.



Which one is better? Open or close relationship?
Do we need to declare to others as well?
Or can i just keep for myself and him? And maybe a few people? What do you mean with a few rina? Hehe
Maybe just a few sign..
Ok goodnight to you babe.

P/s: i think HIMYD will be on going after this. Wish me..

Hi December

This is when my new year start. As cuoolls know December is my big month even though i’m still not achieve my target to free from hutang however Insyaallah next year probably.. Insyaallah, pray for me!
This is my last year as 20’s and next year will going three series. I still can’t imagine me in 30’s.. Hahah
I’m going old and still single.. And 3 series just not in my dictionary of life yet.. Wah! Seriously, how come time become faster leave all the good and bad things and only memories left.
But i still proud with myself for a few things, just a tiny point but I’m still proud.. In love i meet a number of man however they’re just not my jodoh, same goes to friendship, good things when something happen we know how that person is. In career, i give extra star for myself to still keep job in same company and hoping to changes for good accordingly, in family also an extra star for keep a good job and like friendship, good things when something happen, i know how people reaction. And a few secret i know and not telling others, i give extra star to myself.. At Least i know I’m not so PPRT, mulut murai.
And as usual my dream to achieve every year is control my weight.. Haha, this year, my end of 20’s years, no more for healthy, i just want my slim figure.. Please help me.. My boss going to vomit every time i said going to hire PT.. Hahah. Hopefully before my next birthday, before turn to 30.. Wish me luck..
And last but not least to control myself bout everything, my behavior, my priority, my budget…
Wish me luck and Insyaallah one day i will achieve what i want.

P/s: this post not for menunjuk2, it just i can read someday what is in my 20’s story.