Month: March 2015


hihi.. Hi cuollss!! How a u? This is my first entry for 2015, I’m not forgotten to update this home, it’s just I don’t have time to update.. Hihi.. Anyway I’m happy all this while.. I think that’s good reason right for me to not updating this home. It’s start with december when I caught him..  :).. HIMYD will begin now, hope this is going my last searches.. Wish me luck.. And in January i officially became an aunt to Ahmad Kal Damien..

my new love

February was so hectic with kenduri for api indon and now we enter March .. time seriously flying faster then ever.. There is a few place i plan to travel this year and first plan to travel oversea is end of this March to Lombok-Bali and a few trip to JHB to meet my dream, my future, my Jagiya  ;* I am so happy right now, whenever met him, got a call from him was like i own this world. Thank you Jagiya to be here with me. And as u know that this is long relationships, there is a few advantage and disadvantage for long relationships, and whatever it is, communication is the important thing to well maintain the relationship, trust and a few things to do for a good. And thanks God to arrange late this for me and him even though it’s been 10 years we know each other. I know it’s still new, but I’m seriously in love with him more than others man that I’ve met. Ich liebe dich MF!