Month: April 2015

Shopping at Saigon

I have no update in any social media for this trip. pissed off with MF. i hate u.. hehe

I’ve been to Saigon on 12th – 14th April for second time. Again. and shopping again. ,..

and this trip only shopping, eating, sleeping.. that’s all. hahah. nothing to update cuolls.

spent almost MYR 1k. from 2 bag to 4 bag. you see how my bag beranak pinak kat sanakan? hihi

what i most likely to shopping here, you can use ringgit in Ben thanh market area.. So just change about 500myr to dong (I think 2 m++) and the rest just bring MYR less than 7 hunded i think. And bring back home MYR 100++ and dong 100k++ home. hehehe

This trip AO invited me to join her and her family and promise that i got my own room in apartment she rent. TQ AO for inviting me.

Before this i bought about 10 or 12 baju kurung and 5 just for myself. but this trip i bought many telekung for ipar duai, mommy, step mom and future mother in law.. ouchhh.

and the best things when we go with family, food all been cover. Thank you AO. you are the best!!

so enjoy my picture below.

my room in Sedona Suites and apartment. Serious comfortable
my room in Sedona Suites and Apartment. Serious incredible comfortable
Ben Thanh Market from my window
night view
shopping time
Lovely AO…
a few hotel in Malaysian street
Halal Restaurant in Malaysian Street

Quite expensive food kat sini. So nk jimat cari ler kedai2 kecik or makan je roti yg jual kt Malaysian Street ni. Mostly Halal.

malaysian Street full with Malaysian like us.
other side of Ben Thanh
Serious best this apt except toilet quite far for single room.
Day view. Beware with motorcycle
Tukang geledah, tukang kejut, tukang semua. adehhh.. Ezfar yg comel
disturb me when i said i want sleep
sunset in the sky

no budget table for this trip. I bought ticket on march RM250 + baggage and food 62 = Total RM312

room – RM300 after discount. it cost RM700++ for the whole apt for one night.

and money for shopping.

that’s all.

For those yang pergi ramai2 better rent the apt and you guys can cook and save for the food. Otherwise you can eat roti everyday for saving your food cost.. Halal food is quite expensive there.

Another tips, mostly M’sian go there to buy baju kurung yang meriah begemerlapan dengan manik2, but i think now dah kurang.. You should go time puasa kot baru meriah. Cause this time i can’t see many choices of baju kurung there.

and please make sure to bought enough baggage if you take Airasia flight, otherwise you will stuck at AA counter at the airport like a hell. Macam makcik tudung biru.. dah taw nk shopping lupa diri, tak cukup baggage allowance. Counter will not attend your karenah yang mengada² tu.. Their staff are very strict with the rules, only 7 kg hand luggage or 1 handbag and one luggage hokeh. make sure your luggage bag is not so big. not more than that. Only at AA counter and Vietnam. Other counter i think ok jer.. ada je i nampak matsaleh bawak dua beg handcarry.

and last but not least, just change dong for taxi fare if your plan just only shopping at Ben Thanh Market. If you would like to go to Mekong River or Chu Chi tunnel, just bought from local travel agency or if you ramai, just go to a few kedai jual baju muslim, normally they have package for muslim travel and personel driver included breakfast and lunch sometimes.

p/s: next trip.. tunggu………


budget for Lombok + Bali

6-4-2015 12-52-12 PM

After convert lepas tolak benda merapu dan shopping, roughly I’m use only RM696.30 + RM418.04

Total RM1114 for 6 days 5 night in Lombok and Bali.

6-4-2015 12-57-33 PM

sebenarnya banyak lagi boleh jimat especially fee entrance and eating. Carik hotel budget sikit, me tak kisah hotel manapun janji  toilet kena bersih gile. xleh ada secalit kekotoran pun. Geli.. hehe.. Klu kt entrance time nak bayar tu silalah berbahasa indonesia, jgn keluar slang malaysia.. Melainkan kalau muke korg ada darah bulek a.k.a kokesyen. hihi

next trip return to Ho Chi Minh pulok!

P/S : budget kt atas ni roughly je, yg halus tersimpan dlm excel rahsia.. hahahahh… inilah jadi bila shopping lupe diri.

Return to Bali

Day 4


After simple breakfast, get ready to Bali. As you known I’ve been to Bali last year and not very like it.. Hihihi. However I’m back for second time because of my partner in crime. Layan jelah.. Actual plan kan nak pi Jepun, kekangan kewangan membutuhkan perancangan asal.

The fastboat i take has cover for transfer to Ubud. This time I’ve google for halal hotel in Bali. And found Bhuwana Hotel at Ubud and Wina Holiday Villas Hotel at Kuta. Normally M’sian not staying in the Ubud area,  but it is worth it to stayed here. Seriously the environment, the food make me wanna stay a few days.. Unfortunately i have book another hotel in Kuta area.  This hotel really make me like at home. With the warm welcome, and we have our lunch in room and unfortunately we slept after that.. Hahaaha. Maybe because of the hot and dry weather make me so weak.. We take our dinner at restaurant in hotel also.




The next day we wake up as early as we can, breakfast and rode the bike to the nearest village. Then back to hotel and waiting for driver to pick up us. I have call previous driver, but his not available, so he send his friend and he is good.. Layan jelah dua org ni.. Tq Mayan for bring us anywhere we want. no picture with him, tapi helok jugaklah. hihi. Love politic story. Layankan jelah walaupun ada yang tak paham dia cakap apa.






So we went to paddy rice field, Tegalalang, Tasik Beratan Bedugul, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu and back to our next hotel in Kuta. Another hotel with certified halal, but this hotel seriously need alot of improvement and look so old. Holiday villa Malaysia, please take note! After a few minutes rest, we decide to go to what every woman love, shopping. Haha… Shopping like hell. From Krishna in Sunset Road, the taxi driver has pissed off me, do not want use the meter, say macet in our hotel area, and asked for rupiah 150,000. Damn this driver. Please beware do not use taxi bali, just look for bluebird taxi..normal the rate only rupiah 25,000+++. Then i said we only have rupiah 50,000 and he send us at junction before matahari.. Bajingan ini driver.. Damn.. To forgot this incident, we decided to continue shopping and go for massaged, from foot we asked for neck and shoulder in the end it become half body. Hahaha

X best. Aircond jauh dari katil.

So then we walk to our hotel, end of world and my foot hurt again.. In the end, tampal koyok after berendam dlm bathub.. Hehehe. And packing beg to home. I hate packing!!!

others – shopping guna kad plastik. tak berani nk check balance. hahahahahihihhihi

Day 6

Inform Oluq i don’t want to wakeup early today, and same to her.. Cannot tgk org tidur, dengki katanya. Phuiii. Wake up at 10, get ready and asked driver at the hotel to send us to the airport. Check in early and waiting at gate 8 and then it’s change to gate 1. Hoh!!

Second time in Bali, i still cannot in love with this place. Maybe i will back after 5 10 years later. hihi. However what is mostly i like in Bali the people, shopping and service and in Lombok the people also and the environment. for those like to go to Lombok, i suggest you spend at least 3 days 2 night at Gili Trawangan and 3 days 2 night at Kuta area if your are really bitch beach lover. hihi. Or go to Mt Rinjani if u are really fit to hiking. Otherwise for lazy people like me, just watch movie 5CM, indonesian movie, there is story about a group of friends adventure to Mt Rinjani.

P/s: will continue my budget later.. so then i will have many post this year. hahaha!

Pulau Seribu Masjid – Lombok Island

Hi guys!

As plan with my partner in crime, Norul Hidayah a.k.a Oluq we have booked flight ticket to Lombok and return from Bali.

Tugu Pulau Seribu Masjid
Tugu Pulau Seribu Masjid

We had an amazing experience in Lombok.. This untouched island has been known for Pulau Seribu Masjid, i can see a lot of mosque here and probably 90% is muslim and Msian known this island because of their culture to kidnapped the girls to become wife without know why lombok people doing that. That’s why you have to read alot, travel alot guys. To know better bout others. To have other experience other than duduk bawah katak tempurung. kan myollss dah membebel kat cuollss.. ok, back to our story.

This trip, Mamat will join us in Lombok and back on sunday.

The first night, we arriving late at 8 pm, as usual, everybody will late with airasia, the flight has delay.. I have book Drop in Cafe in Kuta area. This bungalow just open on 1st march 2015 and normally only bulek (omputih) stayed here. This bungalow totally back to nature, the wifi line was not so good but that’s not the main points. First the exterior of bungalow been design by local people and interior by owner.. second, Nice with open bathroom.. But I don’t think muslim will love stayed here because the dog here was not so friendly and i got bite at my butt. I think because we arrive a bit late and we are not bulek.. Hahahaa.. Tq mamat offer himself to be our hero.. Not offer actually been force. Hahaaha

Open roof bathroom
Open roof bathroom
love the sink!!
love the sink!!
the exterior
the exterior

No one is around when we arrive and thank you for pak supir for waiting with us until i find message for me from owner that our room is ready to be check in. We do not take dinner because the road was so dark due to blackout and we scared the dog will eat us when we going out. So we stayed quietly infront our bungalow, eh not so quiet with oluq and mamat.

The next morning we have English breakfast in drop in cafe, cook by owner, just a simple breakfast for me.

homemade bread by owner
homemade bread by owner

Last minutes arrange with ayu contact from airport, pak supir arrived to pick up us to Tanjung Aan, Mawun Beach, Sasak Village and off to next hotel, Kebun Villas and Resort.

Only wow we can say with the amazing view at Tanjung Aan, just nearby drop in cafe, and untouched beach at Pantai Mawun… The sightseeing incredible amazing!

Tanjung Aan

Another site of Tanjung Aan

Tugu Kuta Lombok

View to Pantai Mawun

Pantai Mawun

Signboard of Sasak Village

 Then we just drop to Sasak Village and take a round and been briefed by local about this village. No entrance fee, but sedekah to tour guide it’s enough.

After that we off to Kebun Villas and Resort for early check in. Luckily our room is ready.




3 hour Massage from head to toe for only Rupiah 200k

After a rest a few hour, we going to have our lunch/dinner at The Quake nearby our hotel and have our full body massage and scrub, medicure, pedicure and cost only Rupiah 200,000. Seriously cheapest gile! And i forgot my brother get married.. Hihih

At night we went chill at chill bar and having a chitchatchot again in front of the beach and back to hotel sleep.

3rd day

As included in the agoda package, we’re having out breakfast at poolside. Take a rest a few hour and get ready to check out, late check out at 1pm. As advise by local people, we going to chakra to find ole2 but there are only normal market there. Then we decide to go straight to Bangsal and Goodbye Mamat.. See u in Malaysia.

After 1 and half hour in taxi from Mataram and drop to ole ole shop in senggigi, we arrive wt the Bangsal to bought fast bost ticket to Gili Trawangan. Walk in to Flush Bungalows and stayed for one night here.






After that we rode speda and having lunch/dinner at green cafe as we read in Janggel blog this restaurant ok, so ok2lah..

having lunch/dinner at Green Cafe. Not picture. gile hungry
Layan sunset at Sunset Beach at The Exile Bar

After that we rode to sunset beach for sunset view, and amazingly there is sunset for us. At first the weater was not so good. After back to flush bungalow i sleep without take a bath at 8 pm.. Penat mengayuh barangkali. Hihihi

P/s : When i writing this post, I’m off to bali by fast boat and pay by credit card cost perperson rm140 from Gili Trawangan to Padang Bai, Bali and transport to our hotel in Ubud.

See you guys on Bali second trip!