Month: May 2015

next trip

My next trip will be my biggest  challenge for me and to complete my wishlist before turn 30 years old, (but actually i change my plan already so not wishlist before 30’s but after 30’s,)  solo trip to Europe. My ticket have been bought for this December on my birthday but i would like to change it to January/February 2016. Reason for me to change the date due to budget constraint and i want to have new experience as solo traveller. Insyaallah my hutang will gone by January. so February tu kayalah sikit. hihih. So my other colleagues will going first on December and please enjoy your trip guys.


So first thing i have to do to reschedule my ticket and i have call KLM but i do not have date yet when i call that time. but now i have a date and to proceed this next month. hihi.

my itinerary complete for hotel and transportation for inter country only. Once Eurolines timetable been issued i will proceed for next action.

Why i choose Eurolines, this is the cheaper bus packages for 30 days only cost me euro 340 in low season instead i go for peak season for 15 days packages it cost me euro 375.. That’s why i plan ahead for better experience. Dah alang²kan, amek sebulan cuti ler. siapa berani nak join? tapi kena amek waktu hari biasa tak boleh peak season macam Disember.

for accommodation the cheapest i get is euro 10 for female dorm / perpax. murah kot..

So Europe, wait for me!

Wish me there, Insyaallah.

I’ll update once i confirm all. so see you soon guys.

rasanya berabuk lagi ler belog ni. hihi.

p/s: korang rasa partner in crime myolls tu join tak?? hhihi.. Calling for Norul!!