plan tak jadi lagi :p

my cousin ask me to accompany him to Italy October next year (bayar sendiri hokeh), now i need to reschedule everything again, and not sure how many days to go now.. Italy is my first choice but now i think my plan will be change again fortunately my ticket has not change yet. hahahah..

plan this friday to go the KLM office, however will see how.. my boss yang sakit hati, membongak jo kojo.. hahaha

and this is my 8th revision.. hoh!

Day 1 – Wed 9
Off Taman Melati
Off from kl Sentral
11.49 pm Departure from KLIA
Day 2 – Thu 10
6 am Transit to Amsterdam
8 am Off to Zurich
Day 3 – Fri 11
Day 4 – Sat 12
Day 5 – Sun 13
Day 6 – Mon 14
Day 7 – Tue 15
Day 8 – Wed 16
Day 9 – Thu 17
Day 10 – Fri 18
Day 11 – Sat 19
Day 12 – Sun 20
Day 13 – Mon 21
Day 14 – Tue 22
Day 15 – Wed 23
Day 16 – Thu 24
Day 17 – Fri 25
off to Airport
Depart from Amsterdam to Kul
Day 18 – Sat 26
ERL to KL Sentral
KL Sentral – Taman Melati

I’m not sure if i have enough time to go to Brussels or should i skip that and spend more time in Amsterdam or surroundings area? As this is my first solo trip and first trip to Europe, i need a feedback from expert.. I know it’s quite full my itinerary and look very tied but i’m alone and normally i do not plan activity or place to go, so i think it might be OK for me.. i do not have time to stay long at some place and  i don’t rushing to go to the next place..

but now i’m scared, if i get offer to continue further study and exam clash in March.. i’m die..  hahaha

Hopefully i will successful go to KLM office this friday as planned, wish me luck! ;p


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