2 wednesday to go

Finally.. Owhh.. Omg can’t believe at all, happy, miserable, scare, sad to leave my family especially my cutest niece and nephew and alot of feeling and question in my mind now.. 

What will happen? How am i going from here to there? Why i choose this?  

Wish me to have safe and happy ending journey! My first journey this year is quite far, expenses and my first solo trip.. I will be going to Denmark-Germany-Czech Republic-Luxembourg-Belgium and last bust not least orange country NETHERLANDS! So if you see a fat gurl from Malaysia walk alone, please say hi! It’s me! 
Anyway i have turn to 30’s last december.. Hello 30! My wish for me as always be happy with whatever happen, travel alot again(can’t wait this Europe trip done, i need to plan others trip… šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆ) forgot all the sadness in 20’s and become more rich.. Hahahaha

And last but not least, happy 2016 guys! Hope this year is happy year, bless year and more prosperous year for your guys!! 


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