For the last time


One day

Really hurt. Deep in my heart. My heart really hurt right now.. it’s broken.

Sabarlah rina. One day u will find your happiness

Lucky i have strong family, great buddy in life. They will not leave me šŸ˜¢. I will learn from this lesson. But i feel very relieve now, it’s like burden in my life gone.

Credit picture to relationship tips

Happy 2017

I had bad news and good news. There is no more fareed a.k.a ikhsan.. Thank you for wasting my time, my money ikhsan. Damn you….. šŸ˜”


Anyway the great news is i meet somebody else. Someone i think i can have future with. Wish me this is the last one! Amin. Tq sayang to come just in the right time even though I’m not in love with you at first time we met. Now I’m in love with you, Fikri! Everyday, everytime without fail. You are not replacement, i fall in love because you are! Slowly but surely šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜. Please don’t hurt and leave me.. 

Hola December!

hi guys!

just back from reality.. hahahaa..

sorry that i’m still cannot finish my Euro post. and i just back from Perth last week..

anyway, good things happen to me this few months. hehe..  who said we can’t meet and trust people in social media?  i meet him in Tinder anyway.. hahaha.. hope he’s not psycho. that’s all 


Love you Fareed a.k.a MIMZ, thank you to be part of my 2016 memories!

Euro : Continue from previous story

So we continue my journey here…
1st day in Europe, Amsterdam to Copenhagen

As mention in previous entry, i’ve been to Anne frank museum, canal cruise, shopping at primark hoofdorp, then flew  off to Copenhagen.. Check in into Urban house and get rest for all night.. Smooth check in, no receptionist, receive the door code to enter room.. 

2nd day, Copenhagen

Walk around Copenhagen city, nhavyn, rode canal cruise. Back hostel and rest. I’ve been denied to enter my room as my credit card has been declined.. So rebook again using same credit card(funny isn’t) and asking same room again. Actually my first night was free.. Padan muka. Siapa suh system cam palat.. Hoh!!! 

3rd day, Copenhagen

Went out of city a bit, to find mermaid monument, and then back to city again…  Went to movie, watching the revenant until sleepy.. Walk around surrounding hostel. Then tired, went back hostel and rest..

4th day, Copenhagen

Time to check out.. Leave luggage in central locker, walk around at the city again… And then back to hostel to sit until six pm.. Too tired to walk again.. Haha.. My bus to hamburg is 10 pm. It’s damn tired to wait the bus coming.. 

5th day, Hamburg to Berlin

Arrived at 3 am in the morning,oh nooo,  it’s damn cold… I’m freezing.. Put my bag in locker first, then walk around the train central, and having drink at mcdonald.. After a few hours, went out but still can’t face the weather. Went back to mcdonald and having breakfast in there and of course their free wifi.. 7 am went back to bus station, sleeping like chicken at freezing chair, 9 am when the bus counter is open, decide to change ticket earliest to berlin… Arrived in berlin before 2 pm, lost about 1 hour and then find a right way hotel, 3 pm check in and goes to bed at 6 pm. Lucky me, they upgrade my book to single room so then i wash my cloth before went to bed. 

6th day, Berlin

Wake up not so early, went out to the city. Bought daily train. Went to a few place like Checkpoint charlie, berlin wall, torgate.. Tired back to hostel and rest.. At night notice that i’m not yet went to hard rock cafe, so then going out again, but lost. So then i took taxi.. Sanggup k. The taxi driver don’t know where is it, drop me a few block away.. Damn.. Asked receptionist hotel and finally found. When back with train.. Success!! 

7th day, Berlin to Prague

Last day in berlin. Love berlin, miss the market, and last day i found halal market and 1 euro shop.. Hmmm .. Went to money changer then off to bus central. Arrived at night in prague, took taxi to hostel.. Here is bad story. They upgrade my room from 10 bed female dorm to 4 bed dorm, from 4 euro to 16 euro, and don’t advised this is mixed dorm.. I went bed early after realised this is mixed dorm. 

8th day, Prague – cologne

 After check out, this hostel is quite far from city. Walk about 1 hour to find taxi.. Left luggage in locker then walk around the city and found prague free tour.. Joined them, bout 2hours walk then went back to train central and found halal food, take away a pizza.. Waiting at 6 pm my night train to cologne. It’s not comfortable enough , love more KTM bed.. 

9th day Cologne to Luxembourg

Early morning arrived in Cologne, drop luggage in locker, wow.. Impressed with their locker system.. Walk around the city. Still freezing there..  Still in love with germany, afternoon took a train to luxembourg and arrive there at night… It’s hard when you arrived at unfamiliar place at night.. And the location to go it’s quite far from the train station…  I’ve meet nice girl, Hannah, flower from luxembourg..she took me quite far until the right road.. Deep in my heart i quite angry and thought i’m lost again, however it’s right..ooohh, sorry hannah… You are very kind and sweet… I should ask your fb, but my mouth don’t ask.. Sorry Hannah!!! Hope God bless you..  Check in into hostel.. And there alot teenager because it is youth hostel… Siapa suruh kedekut amek hostel murah lagi.. The smell, the noisy.. Hmmm.. I do not have pillow, below people took my pillow.. Damnnn. Hate it.. No wifi in the room. I don’t think luxembourg for me.. I have to out of this country asap.. Except hannah, others is worst for me.

10th day, luxembourg to brussels

This is contigency plan, night before, i’ll already google on train to brussels, 41 euro, burn 20 euro bus ticket which is midnight bus which i don’t think i can’t wait like forever.. Took 12 pm train and arrive approx at 2 pm in brussels. Book hotel which is supposely no hotel for this day.. And another disaster day for me, lost about 3 to 4 hours in this city…. Arghhhhh.. At last, took taxi to hotel, which is just 5 minutes from centrall… Dammmmmnnnnnn.. The google maps not helping me. They make me lost..  I lost about 120 euro for this day… Shit. Hotel is very old, the bathub can’t function, but it’s ok then. As long as i safe.. Keep calm and positive.. 

11th day, brussels to antwerp

After ate kebab, walkaround in the city a while, i don’t like brussels cause the road like in luxemborg, no friendly for luggage beg to antwerp, took a taxi from crntral to hostel.. It is very convenient when arrived early. Left beg in the room, walk to the market.. It is silent city in the weekend here…  A lot of shop is closed in sunday… Wahhhh… Back to hostel, went down for wifi cause this youth hostel, no wifi in the room.. Until night no one enter the spacious room except me, i was alone… Quite scared so then i go bed early…

12th day, antwerp to rotterdam

After check out, i change my bus schedule time again..i want to arrive early.. Actually my hostel quite far from main city, there a lot interested place in antwerp especially shopping.. Hehe.. Should repeat antwerp again.. Especially when i found halal fast food in the middle of city.. Warghh.. I’m like it.. Took 12 pm bus to rotterdam, roadblock in highway, the police took a look every inch of my passport..scary.. Safely arrived in rotterdam city, and walk to to the kingkong hostel. Nice hostel, friendly receptionist, can left luggage in their store, lucky me have separate all things and just bring one bag with me to the room.. Room quite small but it ‘s ok…  Went around and back to hostel and rest.. 

13th day, rotterdam to haarlem

Check out, went to centraal, bought ovchipkaart with debitcard,ceh lepas.. Kuangjag..proceed to haarlem, change a few train and took taxi to hostel.. Check in into i’m local hostel. Left luggage went around a little bit then back to hostel.. Get rest and i’m slept at 6 pm.. Hahah

14th day, hAarlem

Took a train to hoofdorp, went shopping like crazy,  back to hostel, went to warung pojok sari,finally hotfood, not fresh food pun..went back to hostel for packing my luggage, suddenly  they force to join them to live band and i was just the end bought 3 cds cost 25 euro.. Hoh!!! Fortunately the music was nice..  Go jack  and weathermen!! After that, got a drink then back to hostel and packing again. They laugh at my packing.. Grrrr… I just want make space for shopping hokeh!!!

15th day haarlem to new sloten..

Sad day to leave haarlem.. Normally i don’t wake up early for breakfast, but today i woke up for them.. My age friend.. Finally, meet hostelier which is same age with me…and the are crazy type people too.. That’s why it so nice to spend time with them.. After check out, off to airport for drop my luggage in locker, i don’t want to drag my heavy bag to cindy house.. After drop off, contact with cindy,  unfortunately check in time is 6’s not good, so than i went to hardrock cafe, not interested to bought anything, off back to hoofdorp.. And then went to haarlem to meet those girlss.. At 7 pm, i went off to found cindy house, and it is unfortunate for me.. Took the bus, but i don’t see any signage as cindy instruction, back to airport,took  a taxi.. Ohh damn, the metre taxi ran like water drop.. Shitt.. It’s cost me 29 euro including 4 euro to call cindy… The room is ok, but too many rules, look like i’m in the prison..  Especially check in time it’s not incovenience at all.. 

16th day, Amsterdam

Check out early in the morning, went to keukenhof.. Bought the ticket online’s second day opening of this park.. For flower lover, you should visit this place,  this is not so me.. Went back to central to hardrock cafe to bought shirt forfriend.. Tarak untung ini bisnes.. I  should  mark up more.. Demmmm.. Back to airport, take back my beg, rearrange  once again, claim vat, check in and  drop the baggage, enter the departure hall, watch 2 movies with free wifi from airport, and finally the airplane is delay bout 1 hour, omputih sebelah wa bau keti.. Shitt. Safely arrive the next day at 4 pm++ in my hometown..