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travel and travel

this year i’ve been to oversea twice already.. cuti dalam malaysia pun belum lagi…
eventhough bangkok off for business trip, still we had a time for shopping..
but still have a lot place that we not visit.. later and again.. hehe
me and api indon off to bangkok on 24th february and back on 1st march. than i’m continue holiday to saigon with officemate from 5th to 9th march.
travel with man and ladies seriously very very different…
some more in group.. and i’m not the person can’t wait for others.. get my things and that’s all.. no more jalan2.. but those people incredible amazing… tak bosan shopping..

bangkok – a bit clean than saigon, but sesak with people.. sama macam kt china..every lorong ada je orang.. halal food susah sikit (makanan arab boring), transport senang, can speak little only,tak tau nak beza shemale..

saigon – halal food senang (mlayu champa byk bukak restaurant), duit malaysia / usd / dong semua accepted, town yg sesak n a bit dirty with a lot of motorcycle…. crazy.. 1st day semua terlopong tengok motor..communication memang hancur (except kt area ben thanh market cuz ada malaysian street), signboard semua bahasa dia.. hoh..

later kita letak picture pulak.. xde mood nk download picture. hehe

p/s:: next trip plan go to korea not over than 3 people… seriously cannot go with many people…