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forgive and forget?


no way at all, especially to my first bf SA and orang minyak, ZI. both is from Pantai Timur and that’s why i can’t accept anymore from there. and now they are happily married. it’s ok. harini hari korang, besok lusa tak tahu lagi. you will never know when your time..

Wah hateful punya posting for first posting in November..

Ya, saya memang orang yang berdendam.. sekian.

will back with positive posting.. hoh!



Even though It’s short trip only, out from busy city is always the best choice to choose isn’t?
My only problem is I can’t control my cash flow.
I just spend without thinking the next day…
But you can make money not memory right?
How long do you think our feet can go?
Around the world perhaps.


P/s: next trip is KK one more time and hoping HIMYD not there.. I can’t stand for long distance anymore!! [^_*]