welcome 2014

hi all.
happy 2014. hoping there is good news in this year.
bye 2013 and bad memories .

my first holiday for 2014, KOREA!!!

I love my experience for first day, thanks a lot to the Hongdae citizen that help me to pick up my t-money that been falling to the otherside gate and kind ahjussi that help me even thought he can’t speak english. seriously SYIOK.
and this my first night at Hongdae Korea. unfortunately i’m been slept at 6pm until almost midnight and now i can’t sleep..
i’m really excited to explore Korea tomorrow.
will update another story soon.

do you guys thinks i can proceed with the HIMYD in here….

oh suck, most of the keyboard function in this room not function. later i add ok.. hihi


how i meet your daddy

i just notice that the previous post was my 1st post for 2013.. i think it’s still not to late to wish u all happy new year…
baca tajuk kt atas mesti macam terkejutkan… hehe.. ilham dari series drama how i meet your mother.. hehehe

i don’t know when can i wrote about daddy for my children (kalau adalah :p)
so far after jantan faker nobody can open my heart yet… still waiting for the mr right to appear infront of me.. hope before me going to 30.. n i had only 2 years 9 month je for looking jodoh…

apa pun untuk orang yg nak ngorat saya kenalah orang yg malas keluar rumah, kaki tv, boleh layan kpop, ada rambut.. hehe..

p/s: how i meet your daddy (HIMYD) to be continue soon… hopefully… ^_^