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Hi October!

Eh, tak perasan dah Oktober.. owh, damn my external audit will be in a month je lagi…. fuhhh.. Relaks Rina, Rina relaks…

saja nak throwback memori kisah silam brercuti dengan mereka² yang best…


Taman Negara dengan kawan² Komputer, Kawan Office, Kawan Poli, Kawan Sebaya, hanak hikan dan kawan² Norul who will becoming my friends also….

534725_468101043228240_294080188_n 155978_468102089894802_1658127280_n

Kem Semai Semoi  – Office trip

First time tengok dia ni, siyes nyampah.. sotong sangat tapi x segedik Ayam (bukan nama sebenar).. Dah nak balik terus jadi kawan, dalam bas siap berpantun² bagai.. tak sangka dia best..

first trip dengan gegirl ni.. sangatlah best pasal ada beliau

Saigon – with Office Mate.. Semua pun gila², macam² perangai especially me.. hehe

This time first holiday dengan Mamat and Felix, his student yang kuat bercakap macam Lecturer dia jugak.. hahaha.. Mamat pun best, memang sangat ler kaki jalan

Kuching, sorang lagi pondan gak, but i tak berkenan.. hauk

Miri, first time jumpa Boboy eh Maisie Nur.. Dia sangatlah best.. Carut orang paling best. Kelako


Brunei.. Maisie nur tak ikut

2014-02-24 14.32.29
Nami Island – Jumpa budak Tyra yang sangat berani.. suka dia. comel je.

Jeju / Busan

Bali dengan Yaya

Langkawi / Perlis – Lepas Yaya diberhentikan kerja atas kesukaan hati cuti ikut hati. haha

Sabah – Oluq tak sampai lagi. So bawak dia jalan²

Lombok  with Oluq and Mamat


20120103_212100    IMG-20150402-WA0008


go home early, we continue our journey to Bali.IMG-20150402-WA0003

And then Cameron (Please refer previous post), that’s why i need vacation now. It is the time now..

Tips: Trip with friends will make it better if you have contra attitude like me and Oluq or Yaya, Mamat also. I have no passion for waiting, when travel i’m not details what should you do, i just plan the bigger picture, the place we have to go that’s all. and i’m bitch sometimes. iye meh sometimes? bukan everytime ke? hihi..  That’s why i love them, They know me well.. [^_^]


Shopping at Saigon

I have no update in any social media for this trip. pissed off with MF. i hate u.. hehe

I’ve been to Saigon on 12th – 14th April for second time. Again. and shopping again. ,..

and this trip only shopping, eating, sleeping.. that’s all. hahah. nothing to update cuolls.

spent almost MYR 1k. from 2 bag to 4 bag. you see how my bag beranak pinak kat sanakan? hihi

what i most likely to shopping here, you can use ringgit in Ben thanh market area.. So just change about 500myr to dong (I think 2 m++) and the rest just bring MYR less than 7 hunded i think. And bring back home MYR 100++ and dong 100k++ home. hehehe

This trip AO invited me to join her and her family and promise that i got my own room in apartment she rent. TQ AO for inviting me.

Before this i bought about 10 or 12 baju kurung and 5 just for myself. but this trip i bought many telekung for ipar duai, mommy, step mom and future mother in law.. ouchhh.

and the best things when we go with family, food all been cover. Thank you AO. you are the best!!

so enjoy my picture below.

my room in Sedona Suites and apartment. Serious comfortable
my room in Sedona Suites and Apartment. Serious incredible comfortable
Ben Thanh Market from my window
night view
shopping time
Lovely AO…
a few hotel in Malaysian street
Halal Restaurant in Malaysian Street

Quite expensive food kat sini. So nk jimat cari ler kedai2 kecik or makan je roti yg jual kt Malaysian Street ni. Mostly Halal.

malaysian Street full with Malaysian like us.
other side of Ben Thanh
Serious best this apt except toilet quite far for single room.
Day view. Beware with motorcycle
Tukang geledah, tukang kejut, tukang semua. adehhh.. Ezfar yg comel
disturb me when i said i want sleep
sunset in the sky

no budget table for this trip. I bought ticket on march RM250 + baggage and food 62 = Total RM312

room – RM300 after discount. it cost RM700++ for the whole apt for one night.

and money for shopping.

that’s all.

For those yang pergi ramai2 better rent the apt and you guys can cook and save for the food. Otherwise you can eat roti everyday for saving your food cost.. Halal food is quite expensive there.

Another tips, mostly M’sian go there to buy baju kurung yang meriah begemerlapan dengan manik2, but i think now dah kurang.. You should go time puasa kot baru meriah. Cause this time i can’t see many choices of baju kurung there.

and please make sure to bought enough baggage if you take Airasia flight, otherwise you will stuck at AA counter at the airport like a hell. Macam makcik tudung biru.. dah taw nk shopping lupa diri, tak cukup baggage allowance. Counter will not attend your karenah yang mengada² tu.. Their staff are very strict with the rules, only 7 kg hand luggage or 1 handbag and one luggage hokeh. make sure your luggage bag is not so big. not more than that. Only at AA counter and Vietnam. Other counter i think ok jer.. ada je i nampak matsaleh bawak dua beg handcarry.

and last but not least, just change dong for taxi fare if your plan just only shopping at Ben Thanh Market. If you would like to go to Mekong River or Chu Chi tunnel, just bought from local travel agency or if you ramai, just go to a few kedai jual baju muslim, normally they have package for muslim travel and personel driver included breakfast and lunch sometimes.

p/s: next trip.. tunggu………

travel and travel

this year i’ve been to oversea twice already.. cuti dalam malaysia pun belum lagi…
eventhough bangkok off for business trip, still we had a time for shopping..
but still have a lot place that we not visit.. later and again.. hehe
me and api indon off to bangkok on 24th february and back on 1st march. than i’m continue holiday to saigon with officemate from 5th to 9th march.
travel with man and ladies seriously very very different…
some more in group.. and i’m not the person can’t wait for others.. get my things and that’s all.. no more jalan2.. but those people incredible amazing… tak bosan shopping..

bangkok – a bit clean than saigon, but sesak with people.. sama macam kt china..every lorong ada je orang.. halal food susah sikit (makanan arab boring), transport senang, can speak little only,tak tau nak beza shemale..

saigon – halal food senang (mlayu champa byk bukak restaurant), duit malaysia / usd / dong semua accepted, town yg sesak n a bit dirty with a lot of motorcycle…. crazy.. 1st day semua terlopong tengok motor..communication memang hancur (except kt area ben thanh market cuz ada malaysian street), signboard semua bahasa dia.. hoh..

later kita letak picture pulak.. xde mood nk download picture. hehe

p/s:: next trip plan go to korea not over than 3 people… seriously cannot go with many people…