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yesterday and today

Yesterday I am so mad with …..

but today I have good news. Serious happy.. hip2 hooray!


and finally my ticket has reschedule to march and the charge only MYR96.. Alhamdulillah!

busy with work lately and do not have time, will get back to you guys later. ciao!


my own house

i do want my own house right now…
i’m really like myself when i’m live alone for last three month..

as i mention everywhere, regarding my home, previous home will be destroy any time from now…

a day before raya i has move in into new house that i’ve been renovated..
living alone hokeh, and that is great…

now everybody is moving, a guys at upstairs, me n mom in one house..
but we are separate eventhough still under the same roof but different way, different front door..
this house, rumah sewa 4 pintu..
this house has build for us in future if anything happen, and has been rented since it ready to occupied, i think before i enter to kindergarten…
who would have thought the end we all live here but separate?
but then, whatsoever, life must goes on right?

and anyhow, i would like to have my own house.. xkira…
i love when i’m alone… ;p

p/s: we’re different.. really different!

for tonite

this month paling teruk iolls punye financial…
dahler digi ni asik mintk duit je keje… 10hinggit ntuk 4 ari.. tipu betul.. ni top up ari, expired 23hb…kencingkan? hangin iollss…
gaji minggu depan nk crk berukband balik ler.. ape yg paling murah erk?

tapi yg paling sedih balik arini, bukak toilet, tengok kaca bertaburan.. wth?
sinki iollss yg xsempt iollss nk bramas mesra dah pecah….. padahal kaca tebal tu… arini kl xberapa nak panas.. xtaw ler camne boleh pecah…

rinaispinkissugitani punyer
rinaispinkissugitani punyer

ilang mood jap nak update…

wajah kesayangan hamba

this my new baby.. hehehe

xlah.. my new nephew.. baby sume comelkan??

nape bile besar berkarat? hihih

bile tgk baby ni, trus semangat nk kawen dan beranak.. poyo je statement..

hope Mohd Amirul Hakimi menjadi insan yg berguna di suatu masa….


p/s: dear.. bile u nk masuk minang?? i dah miang ni.. hehe