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hey you!

please stop be insecure and let people down..

kredit to G 

And then I realise you are not matured enough and let it go and away…



alahai jerebu….

21-10-2015 3-53-08 PM
home to office only take 10 minutes to arrived, API at my home is 181.. damnnn.. ada orang bangang cakap gombak tu jauh, bongok.. korang tu yang duk ntah ceruk mana taktaw..
API Status
0-50 Good
51-100 Moderate
101-200 Unhealthy
201-300 Very Unhealthy
>301 Hazardous

This year memang paling worst, almost a month in haze and now feel so drown when outside. Jerebu kuat sehebat abg bijan kegemaran ramai rakyat Malaysia..

Ingatkan dah habis, tapi masih ada.. 

Ingatkan nak turun, tapi masih berkuasa..

The bad news is the haze will remain until next year, and now my throat slightly  not feeling well.. Not now Rina, not now please!!

p/s: Minum air putih banyak rina, bukan kordial rutbir f&n yang muka liyana jasmay tu, yang aku baru je taw tu dia lepas berpuluh² ribu gelen dah menelan.. hoh!!

mesti kaya hasil endorsement ni. hehe

bored Monday

Monday, is the day mostly people hate, including me. now counting for Friday. hahahahah


another day that I’m count is pay day.. I thought that after end my ASB loan, I will rich to have extra, however it’s still not enough to fulfil me.. damn Rina… Please behave ler Rina oi.. I need angel guardian… huhu


Yang pokai,


F the T O P D O G

Pity my baby brother and brother to their lost of business site in Downtown Cheras from 1st November onwards.. and the rest who had business there…

It’s been a long way to go to achieve what they have are now, and now it’s been revoked.. Pity them..

And the top is arbitrary confiscate the people happiness..  yang lebih happy Kakmah dan abg bijan dan pencacai² mereka.. cilaka punya orang…


This leader should be born to help people, but at Malaysia is overturned.

Selagi boleh sedut, sedut sampai 7 keturunan.. all is nonsense… Other countries said Kim Jong Un is cruel, Malaysia infinitely great, terang lagi bersuluh, depan mata pemimpin dipuja, pencacai berleluasa, rakyat di pijak.

haze back again

oh nooooo.. when I went to office this morning I thought is fog, but is haze.. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

It’s been 2 days I’m staying home and I think it’s raining outside when i wake up in the afternoon.

Indonesian / Msian farmers, could you stop for a while for whatever you doing? As i know Malaysia had hot and humid all year round not 3 season, hot, haze and humid… P L E A S E  S T O P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


h a z e

Malaysia has been covered with haze for almost three week.. i’m sick of it..

and i cannot falling sick for this whole month until middle November. for external audit that people scared.

Now I’m no longer scared with auditor, i can answer with big smiling, not like before. 🙂

back to hazing, Go away please… We seriously do not want you to be here!!! sakitnya disini dong…


It’s look cool, but it is not cool and cold at all.. Miss sunny day!

p/s: penat pakai lawa², tak ternampak pun.. hmmmm..