Tag: my bad

long weekend?

why do i feel it’s take too long to end of this week???


the craziest week in life…

why does everything happen in early of month??

seriously, i’m scared to become old alone..

till when like this??

december coming and my age will increase…

p/s: 2 days before my birthday, i book my own cake, and it’s so sad cuz¬† using my own money… too sad.. serious.. ūüė¶



i know everybody who’s meet me, very surprise because i’m put on weight?

so what the matters to be fat?

sometimes it make me so upset, and this is the reason i don’t want to meet anybody… i hate people said that i’m bigger and bigger again?

seriously it make me sad…. ūüė¶

but now i don’t care what they said.. it is my body, belong to me… whoever has any comment on me, just unfriend with me.. i don’t mind either… and one more things, don’t compare me now with me 7 years ago… it’s totally different… same goes to you right? i’m still trying to control everything but¬†this things become¬†tough because i had a big ancestry¬† from my mother but still glad cuz i’m not shorter… hoho…!!

so, this is my advise to myself, adapt your body, learn your new body… no stress dear myself..

saranghae, rina!