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long weekend?

why do i feel it’s take too long to end of this week???


the craziest week in life…

why does everything happen in early of month??

seriously, i’m scared to become old alone..

till when like this??

december coming and my age will increase…

p/s: 2 days before my birthday, i book my own cake, and it’s so sad cuzĀ  using my own money… too sad.. serious.. šŸ˜¦


oh yeah!

in another days, there will be december waiting for us…
n in december a lot things happen, big one, try guess? heheh
yeahhhh.. suke2!!!

another things is wait for me is external audit.. yihaaa!!

eventhough external audit has schedule on december, our preparation has begin early than that.. sekarang pun dah kejar orang…. tapi dah orng xnak buat, what we can do anyway?

today my ex boss calling me… happy for him.. had a new job.. had a great team hopefully.
he’s the one develop me as human and give me a lot things to learn..
and he saving my life from lion…
that kindness i can’t forgot until i die, and he pass me to the right person, who also give me all supportive, freedom and teach me a lot things that i never like before..

so AY, please learn from the lesson.. you are great, eventhough you are kamchong sometime, i still can handle it.. hihihi
just be you are! takecare of your good family!

for my current boss, stay tune… you’re the great of the great boss!! sayang kak yati!

n for all ex SHE Officers, shah, abg megat, hazwan, abg faizal, Kak Lala, nice to know all of you.. hopefully your guys happy with your lovely family and dimurahkan rezeki walaupun berada dimana. pardon me for the bad attitude, sayakan little sister in the dept, pretender.. heheh…

p/s: ini bukan bodek, kebenaran!


lega sangat bila something happen to me macam skarang yang terjadi, i still has a lot things to do, make me always busy like crazy..
one of them is my study….
i has further study in executive diploma office management and administration personnel at UM for a year..
now dah nk masuk 4th module..
Alhamdullillah, result for 1st modul dpt A, 2nd highest in class…
this sunday pulak dpt 2nd result…
last week baru amek exam 3rd module, assignment xhantar lagi..
hopefully dapat highest jugak, cuz module yang iollss suke..

so far my experience further study is so tireddddddddddddddd…. crazy tired..
6 years tinggalkan poli, rase nak pecah kepala 1st day masuk kelas, now much better, but i always respect for those yang dah tinggalkan sekolah over than 20yrs….
every sunday xboleh ade program dah, block for class or exam je…
then, balik rumah kene gosok baju pulak…
hanya tuhan yg tahu betapa letihnye badan ini..
tapi demi masa depan yang lebih gemilang, this challenge has accepted… to prove myself can do anything in a same time…

and big reason for me to continue study cuz my daddy’s hope…
and for my future..
dulu kt poliJB amek tourism, now keje quality control, langsung xrelevan keje dengan studi dulu…
atleast i can have knowledge & qualification in this field..
my initiative for better improvement..
for better salary and for better market.. hehehe

N now, i’m happy with my life… more confident and i can use the knowledge either in the class or office… some more i has a lot of new frens…

p/s: langit bukan selalunya cerahkan, just prepare!