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Not in this world

you compare with others.. 

i’m seriously different from others and i’m seriously pissed off now..


The biggest mistake that i can’t forgive at all..



i know everybody who’s meet me, very surprise because i’m put on weight?

so what the matters to be fat?

sometimes it make me so upset, and this is the reason i don’t want to meet anybody… i hate people said that i’m bigger and bigger again?

seriously it make me sad…. šŸ˜¦

but now i don’t care what they said.. it is my body, belong to me… whoever has any comment on me, just unfriend with me.. i don’t mind either… and one more things, don’t compare me now with me 7 years ago… it’s totally different… same goes to you right? i’m still trying to control everything butĀ this things becomeĀ tough because i had a big ancestryĀ  from my mother but still glad cuz i’m not shorter… hoho…!!

so, this is my advise to myself, adapt your body, learn your new body… no stress dear myself..

saranghae,Ā rina!

lelaki / guy / man / boy

i have a lot experience with them…
yang manis, yang pahit, semua ada…
ada yang menggembirakan, da yang menyakitkan..
yang gatal, yang sopan…
yang romantik, yang ganas..
yang penipu besar pun ada….

watsoever pun, apa yang keluar dari theyollss, cannot be trust 100%…

tapi nak buat camane, my life need a man to guide me..
nak jadi lesbo, erkkkk, nak muntah…

hopefully soon i meet someone the best for me…

p/s: apakah rasa sesama jenis ni?

for tonite

this month paling teruk iolls punye financial…
dahler digi ni asik mintk duit je keje… 10hinggit ntuk 4 ari.. tipu betul.. ni top up ari, expired 23hb…kencingkan? hangin iollss…
gaji minggu depan nk crk berukband balik ler.. ape yg paling murah erk?

tapi yg paling sedih balik arini, bukak toilet, tengok kaca bertaburan.. wth?
sinki iollss yg xsempt iollss nk bramas mesra dah pecah….. padahal kaca tebal tu… arini kl xberapa nak panas.. xtaw ler camne boleh pecah…

rinaispinkissugitani punyer
rinaispinkissugitani punyer

ilang mood jap nak update…

i am lucky?

how lucky i am when i still have back up for blog… lupe pulak rumah 1 lagi ni..

blogspot has dumped me, just like sepet do to me..

another 10 entry, iollss ade 1000 entry.. mencik2.. mencik….

yes, as i mention earlier, i being dumped by sepet.. the reason, i still don’t know and the stori how, malahlah nak taip.. karang uollss yg mengalir air mate, iollss gelak je karang.. heheh

so later, iollss akan share dengan uollss, how is feeling being dumped……

p/s: i am ok now…. xdelah meraung macam nak crazy….. nak meroyan pun rase xworth it…

bad things i’ve done


this is the worst worst worst things i’ve done in my life….

but how to do, this project on going already..

so guys, if u like to renovate home, think again n think…

some more don’t use middle people….

this is 1st time n ever i renovate home! no more!

p/s: sori… trip to ganu to be continued later..