how i meet your daddy

i just notice that the previous post was my 1st post for 2013.. i think it’s still not to late to wish u all happy new year…
baca tajuk kt atas mesti macam terkejutkan… hehe.. ilham dari series drama how i meet your mother.. hehehe

i don’t know when can i wrote about daddy for my children (kalau adalah :p)
so far after jantan faker nobody can open my heart yet… still waiting for the mr right to appear infront of me.. hope before me going to 30.. n i had only 2 years 9 month je for looking jodoh…

apa pun untuk orang yg nak ngorat saya kenalah orang yg malas keluar rumah, kaki tv, boleh layan kpop, ada rambut.. hehe..

p/s: how i meet your daddy (HIMYD) to be continue soon… hopefully… ^_^


2 thoughts on “how i meet your daddy

  1. actor & actress needed
    Rina Mosby – Rinaispinkissugitani
    Robin Shabartsky –
    Marshall Eriksson –
    Lily ???? –
    Barnie Stintson – Erik SKL


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